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FINALLY! A Proven Step-by-Step Training to Improve your Child's Literacy, to Correct Dyslexia
and Unleash their Full Potential...
(With Support Every Step of the Way)
From: Barbara Hoi
To: Parents and Carers
How would you like to help your child get laser-sharp focus and improve their literacy becoming happier and more confident as a result all with someone holding your hand?

Never thought this was possible for your child with dyslexia? Then reading this letter may be the most important thing that you do all year.

Because when you're faced with the almost daily struggle of the meltdowns and frustrations of your child not feeling good enough, it's hard to see anything on the other side.

When you have become so used to seeing your child unhappy

It hurts so badly to see them lose confidence after so many setbacks at school. Like when they need to read out loud in class and they hear the snickers from the other kids as they stumble reading the "easy" words.

It's not like you haven't tried anything before... 

You may have been to different therapists, spoken to the counsellor at school, talked to friends and experts, read books, searched online, or listened to podcasts. Constantly trying to find a literacy solution and hoping that the new teacher at school would FINALLY be able to do something to help.

But none of it has given you the results you were hoping for. Not just for you. But to see a happy child again. THAT more than anything is what you want.

And to keep rubbing it in, there's always the stories from other parents about how well their children are going at school. That they're a natural and that things come easy. It just feels like salt is being rubbed into a wound......

Because for you, it's a struggle just getting your child to school. They know they don't fit it and they get picked on and teased.  And as you see and feel their pain, you understand why it's a struggle getting them out the door so many days.

To see what was a bubbly, creative and fun-loving child cry and withdraw more and more. It rips your heart out.  And this just makes you feel even more helpless and stressed. 

And that's the place I came from. And these are the struggles I faced with my son Marcus.

I personally understand what it takes to keep a positive outlook that things will be different. I so wanted to feel like I could help or that there were at least answers to help my son improve and be happier, but this wasn't my reality. I felt so lost and helpless.

I knew the teachers were too busy and didn't understand or have time to help children with special needs. (And I struggled in silence with the whole concept of why my child was lumped - or dumped - into a category of "special needs kids" and the negative connotation that conjured up). 

I didn't feel qualified to help my child (I didn't even know what was wrong with him let alone how to help him with his literacy problems). I tried to do what I could to help him - but often that ended up with us both feeling frustrated and upset.

And I didn't have the time or the money to do anything too radical - not that I was even sure what that was as with all I tried, I didn't seem to be coming up with too many answers.

And I kept hoping that something would change. 

I wanted to find someone who understood me and my child and his situation. I wanted someone who could point me in the right direction and give me hope that things could be different. Because I knew he was clever and fun-loving. But everything around him just made him feel so bad about himself and his school life. And my hands felt tied...

But I discovered after much searching that it didn't need to be like this - and that there were answers.

After finally realising that my son did have dyslexia,  I set it upon myself to become immersed initially as a student learning all I could. Applying what I was learning to my son, he started to make huge gains in his focus, learning and performance and things started to shift until eventually, things had completely transformed. 

With seeing his improvement, I started sharing with other children and adults with dyslexia what I had learnt over more than 10 years.

And having now helped hundreds of people, I can't tell you the happiness I experience every day in seeing the smile and tears of joy in people of all ages at being able to do something that they struggled with (and were ridiculed about) for so many years. It is so satisfying seeing the pride that comes when they realise what they can do rather than constantly feeling (and being told) what they can't do.

And I'm now on a mission to help many more children and their families just like you.
Imagine Your Child's Life If You Found A Solution...
Don't get me wrong. I didn't find a magic bullet but realising that my son had dyslexia was the first part of the puzzle because I wasn't aware of this at the beginning. Trying to find answers to a problem that wasn't defined wasn't easy.

I also tried some things and found they didn't work. And that there wasn't a one size fits all approach. This made me even more frustrated that most solutions just seemed to use phonics which just didn't work,

See the thing I did find was once I understood how the dyslexic mind worked and how to nurture the person's natural learning style, then their creativity could be used to eliminate their challenges with learning. And that it was a process of working differently, not harder.

And all the time I spent learning and then sharing with others has been so worth it! Let me paint the picture of some of the changes I have seen when children learn to learn in a way that suits their natural abilities.  Imagine that your child:
  •  Wants to pick up a book and read it at home - because they love reading! 
  •  Is excited to try new things and can focus their great ideas into stories they love to write.
  • No longer dreads going to school.
  • Feels pride and self-confidence when they receive the award for the most improved student of the year (this happens all the time!!)
  •  Comes home from school talking excitedly about their day and what they did with their friends.
These changes are all real and are what both my son and the many children I have worked with have also experienced through implementing my formula. And today I want to share with you my formula.
Who is Barbara Hoi?
I am Barbara Hoi and I started this passionate journey out of desperation when my then 8-year old son kept struggling at school. Through my search for solutions, I was initially trained in the Davis Dyslexia method. My journey continued from there continuing to build on my learning and through experience, finding what worked and what didn't. And now I've been fortunate enough to have worked with and changed the lives of hundreds of children and adults and their families for over 14 years developing a system for managing dyslexia. 

And I've discovered along the way, other elements that impact the results that are achieved including focus, mindfulness, emotional therapy and food ( 

And the piece I have found to be profoundly important is to help parents first and empower them to make the big shift for their children, from struggling to thriving. They are the missing link that so often gets ignored. I want to see more parents not only being able to help their children but also to be able to afford to do so. And that is exactly why I developed this online training that I'm offering to you today.
Introducing my
'Focus First Formula'
Based on all my work with hundred's of people with dyslexia for over 14 years, I am offering a Seven Week Online Course for parents to help your child gain laser-sharp focus, achieve literary competence, comprehension and confidence using their unique creative abilities to overcome their challenges - 
to work differently, not harder.

The 'Focus First Formula' will dramatically reduce the stress and struggle around school work, jumpstart the study genes, using creativity to achieve more in much less time and quickly help your child to catch up or even get top of their class

It's a program where you will have me in your corner to help and guide you so you don't need to do it alone. You will short-circuit all the trial and error through my proven formula so that your child is on the road to improved grades and creating the future they want.
A Review Of What You'll Get:
7 Jam Packed To-The-Point Online Training Modules
You Will Be Taught:
  •  How to help your child to live happily and participate fully in life, at their own terms.
  • Ways to help your child to read without guessing each word and remembering what they have read.
  •  Ways to gain confidence in their abilities and intelligence.
  •  Ways to understand that they can learn anything they put their mind to.
  • Tools that achieve laser-sharp focus, reading without repeating, sharp short term memory, anger management.
  • Steps you can take yourself with confidence, as you as the parent will also benefit from a deep connection by participating in the program yourself. 
Here’s exactly how YOUR TRAINING works…
  •  Each week you will receive one Module for seven weeks.
  •  Each Module will guide you slowly and will ease deeper into the world of literacy.
  •  Each Module will provide practical activities that you can use with your child at home.
  •  No overwhelm and stress, but ideally staying on top of each week's training will help with learning. 
When it comes to mastering the tricky words that don’t have a picture, you will get a guide in form of an E-Book for free (I’m developing this as an App at the moment).

These  200+ words will take about three months to master. Ideally every day about two to five words can be learnt easily - and if the family participates, it will be even more fun.

If you feel stuck or unsure at any time, there is support via a membership group you will become a part of - like your support family. You are not alone!

Module #1:
  •  What is Dyslexia - showing the difference with traditional dyslexia programs and how this approach is not the usual drill of repetition and painful phonics
  •   How to Focus - learning the most profound exercises and tools that will be needed and repeated at the beginning of each work session
  •  Three types of Focus - so that it will be easy to be fully present, having the energy levels right and especially the mind in the proper position to be able to focus at will
  •  An easy trick to check for focus so that you can be certain that you or your child are fully focused 
Module #2
  • Why and how we use plasticine to create words and models
  •  Creating the Upper and Lower-Case Alphabet (downloads included) so that confusions around letters can be corrected, the alphabet becoming a tool to remember visual information
  •  The alphabet as building blocks for spelling words so that spelling can become much easier to do and to remember

Module #3
  •  Making models of self and others - understanding the how and why
  •  What are pronouns - simple grammar to start to understand the abstract words so that it will make sense when we get to reading
  • Subject vs Object - to clarify a lot of confusion around “I” and “me”
Module #4
  •  The most common words of the English language, which consist mostly of abstract non-picture words, words like: the, an, of, by… will need to be mastered to be understood. Over 70% of what we read consists of these small words. Understanding them will give a student 100% comprehension - by reading only once. Module 4 shows you how to!
  •  The Concept of Change so that one of the main cornerstones of Maths are set

Module #5
  •  The concept of time - so that the student understands time underlying many aspects of life, as well as challenges with ADD, ADHD, Maths 
  •  Learning to read analogue time and months
  •  Verbs - so that actions words make sense on a timeline, in different tenses and as a tool of writing
  •  The verb ‘to be’ - so that the most challenging short word makes more sense in all its tenses and variations
Module #6
  •  Punctuation marks so that writing and reading makes sense - learning what they mean and how they are used. Some basic grammar
  •  Writing - either the student writes or dictates so that not only the quality of writing improves but it will make the reading so much easier and effortless

Module #7
  •  Reading what was written or dictated before, so that reading isn’t as confronting
  •  Reading without sounding out and without repeating, for full comprehension 
  •  And eventually, reading for fun!
And You're Going To Get These Exclusive Bonuses!
Exclusive Bonus #1
Membership to My Private Facebook Group

One of the biggest challenges for parents of dyslexic children is a feeling of a lack of support. This Group is for members of my paid online programs only and is designed to have members of the community interact, support each other, share wins and frustrations. 
Exclusive Bonus #2
My Personal Feedback and Support

As this is a new community, I’ll be inside my Facebook Group personally. When you post questions in the Group, it will be me who will respond - not an administrator who I have given this task to.

So as you work through the training, if you have a question or want ideas on how to use a technique based on your own child’s needs, I will respond and support you. And this support will extend to beyond the 7-week training. 

I won’t be able to continue to provide this personalised service indefinitely, so coming into the 'Focus First Formula' whilst I am kicking off gives you the best chance to access me.

Exclusive Bonus #3
Downloads to Support the Online Training and 'The Dyslexia Tutor' ebook

Downloads to accompany the 7 Week Online Course including the ebook of ‘The Dyslexia Tutor’. In this ebook will find the most common words in the English language which are non-picture words (‘the’ being the most used word). In order for the student to truly understand them, these words have to be created so they can be visualised using plasticine clay and the instructions from the third module video.

Exclusive Bonus #4
Benefits of Journalling Video

This video highlights why it's important that your journal where your child is at and the the changes that you see over time. Without journalling, it is easy to underestimate the level of change that your child experiences.

Exclusive Bonus #5
Mastering Grammar Video Series

This series of videos cover grammar in more detail - nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs -  as an extension to the 7 module training
So What Is My Investment?
So, the big question…
What is your investment to join me inside 'Focus First Formula' and learn my step-by-step formula for managing your child’s dyslexia to improve their literacy?
Well, I’ve never delivered this training in an online format previously. 

Usually, I deliver my program in a small intimate face to face setting over 5 days and through one-on-one consulting.

So because of this, I’ve decided to substantially discount the 'Focus First Formula' as a special introductory offer. This will only be offered for a short time at this special price whilst I build my testimonials for this program. 
I am also not going to sugarcoat things and say it is going to be affordable for everyone.
It isn’t…
If you are still reading this, it means you must be pretty interested in finding out more and taking the next step…
And my gift to you is an incredible 80% discount!
But only for the next few days.
For just A$197 you'll be able to join me inside the 'Focus First Formula' and get access to all the bonuses I have created for you.
This will be the first and last time it will ever be available at this price while I collect testimonials for this new program...
So click below to get access now while it's still available at this special discounted price.
When you do this you will receive an automatic email that includes all your login details and bonus material...

And get started right away.

Today you get my 'Focus First Formula' 7-Module Online Training Plus My Bonuses Including Access to Me for $197, over 80% off!
Time Is Of The Essence...
My 5 day face to face training programs when I run them are $2,500 each. 
But the strategy inside this incredible training needs to be shared with even more families and that is the reason why I am taking my program online and offering it at such a low introductory price.
I know the impact that this content can have on changing the lives of children with dyslexia…

I know that the results from it positively impact families...

Because ever since I developed my formula, I've been able to positively impact the lives of hundreds of families.
Families like your's who were ready to take the next step and help to support their children with dyslexia.
So for the next seven days my new online program 'Focus First Formula' is being opened up for a special introductory price of A$197.
I'm offering you this super discounted program to help take the step forward.
This won't be happening again and it will only be available to you at the price of A$197 for the next seven days. It will be offered at a price of at least A$249 after this time so NOW is your time to act...

This Payment Plan Makes It Even Easier...
To make your journey on managing your child’s dyslexia easier, I wanted to make it super easy just to take that next step...
So I've also included a Payment Plan option where you can choose to make 2 monthly payments of A$109 each.
It's slightly more expensive, but maybe a better fit for cash flow :-)
What Actual Clients Are Saying About Barbara Hoi....
"Barbara you are an amazing woman that has been the angel to so many kids and adults just like me. You showed me who I truly am and will always be and how to accept that. There aren't enough words to describe you. I am truly and utterly thankful that I was able to meet someone like you in my life. Thank you, Barbara.” 

Josephine Daly
"Jamie is gearing up to return to school tomorrow. His end of year report from last year was worlds away from the first report of the year so that's great. I’ll scan it for you to take a look at. Lots of comments about his improved attitude, application and willingness to try things. I'm very grateful to you."

Mel - Happy Aunt
"Lachie still speaks about you a lot, I think you made quite an impact on him! We are reading books easier than Harry Potter but my thought is that at least he is reading. I actually heard him say to his sister that 'he enjoys reading now'. I couldn't stop smiling. We are also working through the 'Tricky words'. We have done 4 days on average each week. Thanks for everything."

Kylie - Happy Mum
But This Training is NOT for Everyone....
I know the amazing transformation that is possible through my 'Focus First Formula'  but I don't want to accept your money if I don't truly believe I can help you. You have probably already had enough let-downs. So before you enrol, this is who the training will and won't suit. I want to ensure I set you and your child up for success.
Who Is This Training For?
You are ready to impact your child's future through "Focus First Formula" if you are:
  •  Passionate about education and the wellbeing of your child 
  •  Done making excuses about not knowing how to help them to learn
  •  Sick of feeling helpless and frustrated about your child’s suffering
  •  Ready to see a change in your child’s attitude and willingness to learn quicker and with more ease and fun
  •  Willing to help to support your child’s learning at your own time, pace and place
Who Won't This Training Suit?
  •  Deep down you don’t believe that your child is dyslexic, smart and creative
  •  You are skeptical that a different approach will bring about a different result
  • You are impatient for results and expect that there will be results overnight
  • You believe that looking at the videos will be enough - and putting in the effort of creating the change with your child won’t be necessary

 21 Day Money Back Guarantee
Some of you might be wondering, “What if I enrol to the 'Focus First Formula' training and it doesn't meet up to my expectations?"

I know investing your time and money into this training isn't easy….

I also know that managing a household budget and finding the money to invest in this program isn’t easy - particularly if you have already spent money on other things that have not worked.
But I also know the power that this program has to change lives - just as it has for my son and our family and the many children and families I have worked with.
So, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and offering you 100% security and protection...
Join me today... Jump inside the members area, complete the weekly training, ask questions in the private Facebook Group...
If you take action and aren’t 100% happy, I will cheerfully refund you in full within the next 21 days. 

All I ask is that you work through each of the training modules as they are released each week.
Sounds fair?
I want to remove all the risk to you and make your decision to participate in the 'Focus First Formula' even easier.

Your Questions Answered....
I know $197 isn't loose change...

So at this point, it's really important that if there's anything holding you back from making the right decision for you and your family.

I help answer that for you now.

So I've taken the top questions I get asked and popped them in below with the answers...

Just in case you're wondering the same thing!
“How much time will this take me?”
Each of the weekly videos are around 12 to 30 minutes long. It depends on the pace you are working at, but apart from working through the 7 Modules over 7 weeks, it will take around three months to six months to work through the ‘non-picture words’ that you are getting sent via ‘the Dyslexia Tutor’ Ebook. Then you will have eliminated the negative aspect of dyslexia - and only the gifts and quirks will remain.
“How quickly can I get started?”
Your access will arrive to the first week’s training in your inbox within 5-10 minutes! So as soon as you register by clicking on this page and enter your details, you will get your logins immediately. You'll be able to start as quickly as you want. And each week for 7 weeks you will get access to the next training module which builds on each other,. And I'm just here in your corner every week in the Private Facebook Group if you need anything from me.
“What if my child refuses to work with me?”
That is sometimes the case that the person closest to the dyslexic child is finding it hard to have a ‘work’ relationship as well. In that case it will be easy to get a young student or friend, your son or daughter may look up to, a grandparent or other family member, to work through the seven modules with them. 

“What happens after the seven weeks when the training has finished?”
You will have lifetime access to the training in the members area and the bonuses. The program is self-paced and the speed you work through it with your child depends on the time and focus you both have available. This isn't like school and you need to have the program finished by the due date. I will be providing ongoing value to you through emails and my Facebook community.

"How is this program different to others?"
Unlike other dyslexia programs that focus on what your child cannot do and then tries to fix a perceived flaw, the 'Focus First Formula'  will empower your child to use their unique visual and creative talents to master their literacy. Learning to understand their gifts will enable them to take action confidently. The more they use the new tools, the easier school will become, until reading and learning are fun. 
“How long will it take before I can expect to see results?”
The results will come as soon as the focus becomes second nature, reinforced by the ball exercises as explained in Module One. Success will show up in stages and often dyslexic students won’t even remember that they once struggled with the words and exercises they now enjoy. So keep a diary and write down what frustrates will be amazed at the changes after one month, three months, six months.
“I’m not a teacher. How will I be able to help my child apply the principles taught?”
The best way to help is not to teach but to be a student yourself, to learn side by side, share in the wonders of aha-moments. You will be a facilitator, instead of a teacher. You can step back, ask questions and show patience and slowly guide by asking rather than telling. More often than not, dyslexic children want to be in charge - not taught nor controlled. Empower them, praise them, enjoy their unusual mind.
“How long will this price be available?” 
The discounted price of A$197 will be available to you for the next seven days for the 'Focus First Formula' and the bonuses, including the access to me in the private Facebook Group. After that time, I expect the price will be at least A$249.
“Do you have a payment plan?”
Yes I do! You can make one payment of A$197 or you can choose two monthly payments of payments of A$109. One payment now, and one in 30 days time. (Total price for payment plan is A$218). It's slightly more expensive, but may be a better fit for cash flow :-)
"Is there a guarantee this will work for me?" 
There is the 21 day Guarantee available. Simply access each of the week’s training modules and if within 21 days you don’t feel that this program will deliver to your child results, contact me at and I will refund your full payment.
Here’s A Recap Of
EVERYTHING You'll Get With The 'Focus First Formula' Literacy Program
  •  Lifetime Access to My 7-Module Online "Focus First Formula'Training  ($1,249 Value)
  •  Bonus #1 Access to My Members Only Private Facebook Group ($97 Value)
  •  Bonus #2 Access to Me and My Feedback/ Guidance Through the Private Facebook Group ($497 Value)
  •  Bonus #3 Downloads to Support the Training and My Dyslexia Tutor ebook ($197 Value)
  •  Bonus #4 Benefits of Journalling Video ($47 Value)
  •  Bonus #5 Mastering Grammar Training Series ($297 Value)
Total Value: $2,384
This training will show you how to empower your child to learn by using the creative, imaginative gifts to read, write and spell - all in a calm and focused manner.
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $197
limited time offer!
Get Instant Access To The 'Focus First Formula'  Program NOW
Step #1: Contact Information
Step #2: Shipping Address

Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
Step #3: Check out
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
Expiry Year:

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Dynamically Updated
With love,

- Barbara Hoi

P.S. Chances are you're probably one of those people (like me) who skip straight down to the end of the letter. If that is you, here is the deal.

I’m offering you the 'Focus First Formula', a 7 week online training to help your child to correct dyslexia at a special introductory price of AUD$197.

This training will show you how to empower your child to learn by using the creative, imaginative gifts to read, write and spell - all in a calm and focused manner.

You will also get access to a number of my bonuses including:

  • Access to a members’ only Facebook group to gain support through a like-minded community long the way 
  • Access to me through the Facebook Group to get your questions answered to set you and your child up for success
  • Downloads of the ‘Dyslexia Tutor’ E-book and materials needed to work with your child during the 7 week program 
  •  Benefit of Journalling Video to encourage you to journal your child's path to monitor their progress
This is a very limited offer to you at this price for 7 days only as I introduce this new online format.

I can’t wait for you to join me on the inside.
Some More Of What Others Have Said About Barbara...
 "I just want to let you know that Kate is doing incredibly well at school, her reading is amazing. A recent assignment that she did was so good that her teacher insisted that she read it to the school at assembly - at first she was reluctant, but then she relented and she read it out. This would never have happened if she hadn't met you."

Kate 's Grandmother 

"I think the best part was the process to get him centered to realize what he is about to undertake and the willingness to do so. He is now willing to start tasks like writing that used to scare him and undertake the process, knowing he can do it. He now knows he can achieve anything he sets his mind to."

Ronin's Mum
"Barbara is a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional, who is warm, optimist and committed to her student's learning success."
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