The Ultimate Guide For Making Dyslexia Your Child's Superpower
The 10 Most Common Symptoms Of Dyslexia And Solutions To Help Your Child Be Confident, Focused And Thriving At School
  •  Discover the 10 most common DIFFICULTIES children with dyslexia have when learning
  •  Learn SOLUTIONS for each of the ten "struggles" so you can help your child learn in a way that best suits them
  •  Discover how to help your child FOCUS when learning to use their unique visual and creative TALENTS
  •  Feel EMPOWERED and see your child's  CONFIDENCE grow together with their SUCCESS at school
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Hi, I'm Barbara Hoi and I help children with dyslexia and their families to discover the unique visual and creative talents to unlock the learning abilities of your child so they can master literacy. 
The Ultimate Guide For Making Dyslexia Your Child's Superpower will enable you to not only understand the creative mindset of your brilliant child, but also give you strategies and solutions to help them overcome their struggles.

Without it, you will waste your time looking for answers and feeling stuck and frustrated trying to "fix" your child's perceived flaws. 

With it, you will recognise the strengths of your child and how you can follow a simple process to help your child develop their skills and focus so that tasks and learning become more fun and positive. This shift helps transform your child's self-confidence and gives you the chance to enjoy more of your time together instead of fighting with them to do the things they don't feel skilled enough to do!

Barbara Hoi
"There aren't enough words to describe you. I am truly and utterly thankful that I was able to meet someone like you in my life. You have been a great large part of who I am and who I will grow to be. Growing up with the knowledge you have given me has dramatically inspired me to be true to myself and accept who I am and accept others. Barbara, I will never forget what you have done to me and I will never forget you."


"I don't think my reading was bad but Barbara helped me to get over my reluctance to write. I feel I now have more confidence in spelling and writing. Also, now i can tell the time and convert analogue to digital time easily. Thanks, Barbara."

Ronin G.
"Jamie is gearing up to return to school tomorrow. His end of year report from last year was worlds away from the first report of the year so that's great... lots of comments about his improved attitude, application and willingness to try things. I'm very grateful to you."

Jamie's Aunt
Disovering how to make dyslexia your child's 
SUPERPOWER is only a click away.....
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